Letter To An Open Theist

The only thing you contributed to your salvation was your sin.

Bond, with a great case for God’s sovereignty.

Bond The Baptist

During my last semester of my undergrad (which I just graduation from, PTL!) I took a class entitled, Doctrine of God.  In this class, we focused on the character of God and his attributes and looking at the opposing views of the Reformed, or biblical, view.

For our last exam, we were assigned a take-home final in which we had to write a letter to a friend who was being persuaded by open theism. In fact, I do know a friend who has been persuaded by open theism. Here is the letter (exam) answering hypothetical questions that open theists believe and questions they ask.

Dear Friend,

            I am really thankful that you have been willing to have an open conversation in regards to your change of beliefs. I have seen that you have doubted the Reformed view on the doctrine of God, more specifically God’s providence and sovereignty. In this letter, I hope…

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